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before 1898

One side of the case depicts a leaping horse. The other side shows three dogs in a rural setting. The dog side of the case is in worse condition than the side depicting the horse. The face of the w...

A photograph depicting a view of Broadway, looking north from Bull Street. A young boy is standing at foreground; street railroad cars and carriages are visible in the background. Photo was taken...

A print (made from an original photograph or negative) of the second Ocean House, located on Bellevue Avenue. A house located on the John G. Weaver Estate (according to1893 Atlas, L.J. Richards &...

A print (made from an original photograph or negative) of the second Ocean House, located on Bellevue Avenue.

A matted photograph of the second Ocean House hotel, located on Bellevue Avenue. Features include steeply-pitched gables and a large verandah with detailed woodwork.

A photograph depicting the Ocean House at the corner of Bellevue Avenue and Bowery Street. A boy is seen standing in front of the hotel under a lamppost. A label on the mat reads: "Ocean House ...

A photograph depicting the Ocean House on Bellevue Avenue. A carriage is seen passing by the hotel.

A black and white photograph depicting the Ocean House veranda, with several people gathered. A caption at bottom center reads: "GRAND VERANDA OF THE OCEAN HOUSE, NEWPORT." Also labeled at bottom...

Print, Photographic
September 1898

Sepia toned photograph of the Ocean House Hotel fire September 1898. Image shows a crowd gathered on the lawn with the hotel smoking in the background.

March 4 1898

Framed rules and by-laws of the George E. Vernon and Co., Mutual Relief Association. Received in a wood frame. In memory of Elizabeth Vernon Cottrell, Virginia Vernon King, Anne Vernon Brady. Simo...

Photograph of a stable on Brinley Court, later Bowler Lane. The photograph shows a number of unidentified men, and a young boy identified as Charles F. Child, standing in front of the stable struct...

circa 1898

This is a map of Rhode Island that shows each town and county in the state, as well as important roads and bodies of water. Each town is a different color. 

15 Architectural drawings of Ridgemere located on LeRoy Avenue by Peabody and Stearns, entitled "House for Miss Foster" Blueprint copy from original, 1995.

D13 AB
circa 1898

Black moire silk, trimmed with net, jet "chantilly" lace. Bell skirt with lace flounce; separate waist high collar; bishop sleeves.

circa 1898

An early postcard depicting the Marble House's rear (ocean-facing) facade under construction. The Marble House was completed in 1892.

circa 1898

Red brick that was part of the Thompson Middle School, Broadway, Newport. The structure was demolished in 2001 to make way for new school building. See 'Newport Daily News' January 12, 2001 and jan...

Mounted shell fragment. Metal tag reads: "one pound shell from wreck of USS Maine."

circa 1898

2 pieces of hardtack issued to U.S.N. in 1898; square crackers with raised holes in them. Both are chipped on the back and have writing on them. One cracker has #57 written in red on it.

A photograph of Virginia "Birdie" Fair standing on the shore at Bailey's Beach, circa 1898. Miss Fair is wearing a straw hat, and is looking down while holding her skirt off the ground. Bailey's Be...

Photograph of a man with a cane standing at the threshold of the front entrance to C.H. Burdick & Co. Shoes dangle from the shops windows, and positioned in the window displays. The man could b...

A panoramic photograph taken from Bailey's Beach, depicting (left to right) the Richard Baker House, Lippitt's Castle (under construction), and The Rocks. Photograph is part of a page from one of...

A black and white portrait of John Stedman Ward as a young boy. Stedman poses in front of a mirror, and wears a dress with a ruffled top, a belt, and puffed sleeves. He is holding a flower, and sta...

A black and white portrait of John Stedman Ward, age three. Stedman wears a ruffled shirt or dress with puffed sleeves. He has a shoulder-length hairstyle.

A photograph depicting the construction of the original Newport City Hall (43 Broadway, 1898-1900, architect John Dixon Johnston), prior to changes made after a 1925 fire. A large crowd of people ...

Candid snapshot of William K. Vanderbilt, Jr., Harold Vanderbilt, and Harry Lehr at Bailey's Beach, Newport c.1898. Image shows the three young men posing with the younger boy squatting in the water.

A photograph of the chimney of the Jeremy Clarke House (Sueton Grant House), Thames Street. Photograph was taken during the house's demolition in 1898; a wagon and debris are visible at foreground.

Bellevue Avenue looking South from Ocean House. Carriages, bicycles, and pedestrians can be seen on the road. The John G. Weaver house is on the left of the image.

1898 – 1901

A postcard depicting Old Stone Mill and Channing Monument, Touro Park. A gazebo is visible in the background. Caption on image reads: "OLD MILL/(NEWPORT)/From Photo by A.F. BRADLEY./THE H.A. ROST...

Deluxe (souvenir) Edition of a theatre program advertising Maude Adams in the Little Minster. 16 pages of illustrations and short descriptions pertaining to scenes from the J.M. Barrie Play.

American flag with 42 stars. Label reads "Flag used in Spanish American War"

Detailed etching depicting an unidentified house in the countryside with farmland surrounding it. Some sort of well in front yard. Smaller buildings can be seen beside and behind main house. Forest...

1898 – 1901

Hollow stalk with cut-out classical figures; gilded, molded relief decorations. Marked with "Wedgewood" and a diamond shaped symbol. Ref. "chats on old earthenware", Arthur Hayden; inside front...

Spanish spotting telescope with metal ends and wood center. Tag reads "Taken after surrender of Manilla Bay"

A sepia tone photograph of a Shingle Style house located in Middletown, RI. The house is one of several "Land Trust Cottages." Visible in the photograph is a man standing in front of a porch supp...

1895 – 1905

Brown, watered grosgrain silk skirt. Trim is stitched bias bands.

D366 AB
1895 – 1905

Black chantilly lace evening dress, trimmed with velvet ribbons, beads, pailletts, jet.

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